MMD 6 speed reverse gear with black lever


MMD 6 speed reverse gear with black lever

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MMD presents the best selling reverse gear on the market! With the adjustable

shifter beautifully crafted in Italy!!

******Suggested retail price $1455.00******

($1,099.00 is manufacturer direct price)

Question: Why should I buy an MMD Reverse gear?

Answer: Outstanding styling and best price on the market for superior quality. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Question: How difficult is it to install the MMD Reverse gear?

Answer: The MMD reverse gear was designed with easy installation in mind. Our experience over the last several years has proven to us that also customers with basic mechanical knowledge manage to install it without any problems.


Question: Will the MMD Reverse gear fit my transmission which I modified from 5 speed to 6 speed?

Answer: In most cases it will fit. If you have any doubts before purchasing, please contact us through “ask a question” at the bottom of this page.

The MMD Reverse gear is made out of the highest quality materials. The main body is machined out of aluminum. It is the first reverse gear on the market to offer a safety engine shut off switch to prevent damage in case the reverse gear and forward gears are engaged simultaneously. The MMD Reverse gear is made in the USA and Europe with the final assembly in the USA.  This MMD reverse gear comes with an adjustable lever. The adjustable lever is machined out of solid billet (polished or black, depending on availability) to the highest quality in design and craftsmanship, which allows you to unscrew the 4 screws shown in the picture and rotate the shifter to the position desired (a cap with the MMD logo is supplied with the reverse gear to cover the screws)

The MMD 6 speed reverse gear can be mounted to any stock models, except Sportster and V-Rod,with 6 speed tranny from 2006 and up.  On some other models exhaust modification may be required. For 2014 and up with hydraulic clutch, please contact us prior purchasing.


Installation tool kit included at no cost

The MMD Reverse gear comes with full instructions on CD-ROM, installation tool kit and a phone number for assistance. Limited warranty on parts – 12 months. We ship free of charge within the continental US. All international orders are subject to shipping charges from the USA and customs duties in the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the buyer. All sales in the state of Florida are subject to 7 % sales tax. MMD cannot be held responsible  for any claims due to loss during shipping or customs issues.

– Engaging the reverse gear while the engine is revving high
may cause damage to the reverse gear!
– Do not use the reverse gear as a parking brake
– MMD is not responsible any damages due to misuse or
wrong installation

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